Beijing Collabo’s W.H.O-Ha Over Gaga’s Virus ‘Sacrifice!’!


Now we’ve got to recognise Lady Gaga’s contribution to the battle with the Chinese Virus…

Many of you have probably heard more than enough about Beijing collabo Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general for the World Health Organization.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The fact that the organ-grinder hasn’t fired his gutless monkey Bruce Aylward….

Who Will Help Free China? Not Collabo W.H.O., Methinks! 

…..tells us all we need to know about how undiscriminating Ghebreyesus is in his choice of help.

But the gushing twaddle which constitutes his response to Lady Gaga, who has declared her solidarity with the UN’s ‘health-wing?’

“A very good call with Lady Gaga!”

WHO Director Touts Teaming with Lady Gaga to Fight Coronavirus

I don’t count myself a fan of that brassy but hardly classy old blonde, though I did some years ago side, reluctantly, with her right to perform…


...when local fanatics here in Jakarta were out to shut down her concert.

But if she is concerned about the suffering of many innocents, okay.

Then I read on and learned of the sacrifice she’s making…

….the ‘incredibly tough decision’ to postpone her next performance!


I hope she is also donating at least $10 million, surely a small proportion of her worldly wealth, to buying necessary equipment.