When Going To Hospital Can Get You Killed!

One hopes the hospital in this horrific news report is atypical, but during a pandemic, it’s not the kind of news one likes to read!

Nor even in non-pandemic circumstances!

An 86-year-old woman died Saturday after being hit in the head and knocked the floor of a New York City hospital by another patient for violating coronavirus social distancing, police sources … Read more

While perhaps it’s true that hospital staff cannot be on permanent alert for hardened criminals who show up for treatment…

…their failure to detain the loutess suspect, and their outrageous delay in reporting the deadly assault to NYPD is frankly incomprehensible.

And with the slain patient’s family  – and many other New Yorkers – demanding the clowns explain themselves, it is simply offensive that we are now facing a refusal to answer on the imbecilic grounds of ‘patient confidentiality!’

The patient is dead! No permission to explain is possible.

Or are they more concerned about the other ‘patient,’ with that long criminal history?