Canada’s Pro-Crimmigrant Rat-Packs Squeal In Unison!

Nobody trusts Justin Turdo to stick to the brief outbreak of sense we have seen on the illegal incursions across the US border.

And now we read that, although ‘six asylum seekers have been prevented from entering Canada at an unofficial entry point along the border,’ it is widely…

…and shrewdly, believed that plenty of other alien wannabe welfare bums are sneaking through at even less ‘unofficial’ sections of the international frontier.

Incredibly, instead of concern about unwanted savages breaching the border, some leftist weasels are concerned these areas could be ‘dangerous’ for  the crimmigrant creeps!


One might wish these areas could be seeded with mines, but since I’m not familiar with that part of Canada, there may be downsides to that idea.

It would be a shame if cattle or sheep belonging to honest farmers were killed or injured.

It’s a very odd, one-sided sort of article in the Globe and Mail, plainly penned by a pro-crimmigrant, Janice Dickson by name…

….whose prejudice comes across when she writes that the ‘new protocol raises the risk that asylum seekers may try to cross the border at other points of entry, refugee advocates say, which could be dangerous because of harsh conditions and lack of support.’

The scribbler ascribes that ‘risk’ as a view held by collabo ‘NGOs’ but, tellingly, nowhere does she quote any Canadian who, probably like most Canadians…



…welcomes a crack-down on unwelcome intruders. There’s not one view expressed by any person or party keen to block illegal immigration.

Like, who gives a tinker’s cuss if criminals come to grief?

To put it bilingually, a few dead or injured crimmigrants will surely ‘encouragez les autres’ to forget any dirty designs they have in mind about gate-crashing the Dominion of Canada.

God knows something had to be done to discourage the illegal aliens.

The report quotes an official who says ‘in early March, between 70 and 80 asylum seekers had been crossing daily…most were originally from Africa.

But what is truly shocking is the number of Enemy Within outfits beavering away on the crimmigrants’ behalf.



The collabo crews include a ‘Jesuit Refugee Service Canada’ and ‘Plattsburgh Cares,’ itself a ‘coalition of activist groups,’ and there’s ‘the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR),’ as well as ( inevitably!)a  Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, and the BC Civil Liberties Association.

And, no show without Punch, the worst in the world (IMHO – ! ) Amnasty International!


Big question, naturally unasked by the Globe and Mail hackette.

How many of the above cabals and cliques have their snouts in the public ourse, federal or provincial?


Time Canadians found out!