Beware Pidliwidli, The Thug Unleashed On Oz By Judge-Jerk!

There can be few more irresponsible rulings than that issued by Australia’s federal court last week!


PiDiWiLi – no clearer photo allowed by ‘justice’ system!


A known alien criminal has been unleashed on innocent Aussies, an Afghan scumbag so unsavoury that his identity has been concealed from all his potential victims!

Apart from his nationality, all we know of this criminal are his initials, PDWL.

Hence my headline, and hence my use of the ridiculous nom-de-guerre PiDliWidLi throughout.

Oz needs a good whistle-blower to blow the scumbag’s cover so decent people can at least steer clear of him, despite the judge-jerks’ determination to put the public at risk of PiDiWiLi‘s malevolent character!


This good-for-nothing ratbag was refused a protection visa after failing to meet the character test requirements under the Immigration Act due to an earlier criminal conviction.

What is even more alarming, and what should have been addressed by Scott Morrison’s government two months ago…

. that the court justified its manic diktat by invoking the idiotic chapter of the Geneva Convention which, and you can read all about it here…

…permits otherwise sovereign governments to kick out criminal aliens ONLY if the level of criminality extends to mass-murder or some similarly heinous acts.



Oz can expel mafia bosses, sex-predators, human traffickers, if they are not Australian, but only if they haven’t been classified as ‘refugees!’


’Refugees’ are untouchable!

Except mass-murderers!

Murdering just one or two innocent Australians, according to the crack-pot court, doesn’t reach the standard of atrocity required.

If you find this outrageous, even incomprehensible, you are welcome to comment here, but perhaps you could also raise the scandalous situation with a lawyer –


He not only persuaded the judges to let Putrid Pidliwidli loose, despite that criminal record, but seems to be inexplicably pleased that there’s another undesirable alien free to prowl Australian streets.