Cover-Up! Brussels’ Secret Plan To Unload Illegals!

It’s a long turgid tripe-fest, wittering about the ‘rights’ of crimmigrants – typical EUObserver!

But even pinko scribblers can’t ignore the key revelation…


EU’s new ‘Irini’ naval operation, off the Libyan coast, will not disclose how member states decide where to send any migrants rescued at sea.

That’s just outrageous!

Thanks be, Britain is disentangling itself from the EUSSR, but patriots who speak for the nations which have suffered most from the plague…



…parties like AfD in Germany and Vox in Spain, leaders like Salvini and Giorgia Meloni in Italy…need to raise merry hell and put uppity flunkeys like this one…

An EU foreign affairs spokesperson said special confidential arrangements have instead been made on where to disembark people, should Irini have to rescue them at sea.

“The operational plan is a confidential document, it is a classified document, so I am not at liberty to go into details on this…” he told reporters in Brussels on Wednesday (1 April), when pressed on rescues.

…on the rack!

Not literally…

….but summoned to Strasbourg or to national parliaments to testify as to what these secret plans are.

Even then, knowing EU leaders’ traditional distaste for any kind of open government…




…expect dissimulation and deceit.

ANY crimmigrants picked up on the Med do not belong in Europe!


They must be sent straight back to the North African coast, whether it be Libya or wherever.