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    France24’s Disgusting Doug, The Bug-Eyed Bigot!

    I had a quick look at that ‘Talking Europe,’ France24’s ‘discussion’ again last night, just to see if they might have any more non-left panellists than the previous evening.

    They didn’t.

    The middle-aged bat Catherine Nicholson, red-headed and face caked with make-up, must have been delighted as her trio of guests argued…


    ….not about whether the EU should be cut down to size but whether its bounds should be extended sooner rather than later!

    One Dutch Green MEP, one German Socialist MEP, and one French Macronite ‘Renew’ MEP.

    NOT ONE voice from any Eurosceptic party, even though the topic was EUSSR expansion into the West Balkans.

    France24 has abandoned even a pretence of honest journalism, as I had already seen…

    …because just before Talking Europe began, that oily bald ex-CNN pinko creep, Bug-Eyed Doug Herbert, in his role as their Foreign Affairs ‘expert,’ railed against Donald Trump…

    Bug-Eye Doug Brays Fake News 


    The Horrid Herbert…

    British slang – A Herbert – Noun. An dull objectionable person. E.g. “He’s a real herbert, he watches the news and weather on TV all day.” https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/37663/what-is-the-meaning-of-the-term-herbert-in-british-slang

    Bug-Eye Doug’s Objective Analysis – Trump ‘Bullies And Blusters!’ 

    The Herbert is a repeat bias offender!

    …as ‘reckless’ and ‘shambolic,’ saying how the US President had brought America’s reputation way down from what it was in previous administrations.

    Fine, if it’s a Democrat Party paid ad, but not for a publicly-funded broadcaster!

    I left the tv switched on while I had a late supper…



    …and next thing the far-left channel had a ranting hack named David Wallace-Wells, chuntering gibberish about the connection between climate panic and ‘inter-generational justice…’



    …whatever that might be, and telling his interviewer, another hopeless chick who never once challenged his breathless biased bleating, about how he was ‘exhilirated’ by both the The Addled Swede Brat and the X-Stinko scumbag gang.

    Time for bed!



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