WHO Question Has Beijing’s H-K Lap-Dogs Snarling

The saga of Aylward The Gutless continues, with the Hong Kong collabo administration going after honest media people there.

Gutless Aylward


The Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau has got its pro-Beijing knickers in a twist, accusing the city’s public broadcaster, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) of breaching the “One China” policy!”

The Bureau boss, a man named Edward Yau, is apparently upset with that gutsy young woman Yvonne Tong, of RTHK…



…who put the creepy WHO flunkey Bruce Aylward on the spot over his supranational outfit’s shameless siding with the Red China dictatorship against Free China (Taiwan) 

The whole word watched as the coward tried to weasel out of answering, then claimed technical difficulties meant he couldn’t hear her.

Good luck to Yvonne!

One China is a great idea…

…if China is reunited under a democratic government, after the communist tyrants have been removed and put up against the Great Wall!


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