DW – German Bias Channel Welcomes US. Hate Group Ranter!

Germany’s tax-funded propaganda channel reported on the apparently high impact of the Chinese Virus on black Americans today, DW news, 11am Jakarta time.

Fair enough.

President Trump himself had expressed concerns on the issue.


But no ‘fair and balanced’ on the biased German media, no matter their inordinate subsidies are coerced from the pockets of citizens of all shades of opinion!

Instead of a health specialist, all too soon we had a geezer named Bryan Fair, ranting about ‘incompetent leadership!’

And Mr. Fair was shamelessly introduced as a representative of America’s most notorious far-left hate-group….

Exposing The SPLC Hate-Gang! 

…the SPLC, a gang notorious for all kinds of reasons!

If DW brings in a bigot to spout Trumpophobia…

….the very least they should do is bring in a Trumpophile to demonstrate their impartiality.

There’s at least one member of the President’s cabinet who is both black and a distinguished doctor…


Ben Carson official portrait.jpg
Ben Carson

…so why not invite him?

Or anyone to balance the far-left Mr. Fair!

Aaah, but we’re talking about DW!


They don’t know the meaning of the word!

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