Walking Dead Extra? Treating Chicago Folks As Fools!

Tomorrow we who live in Jakarta enter the official State of Emergency.

Just like many of you, all over the world.

Hair-dressers are among the many places of business shutting down here.


Cousin Itt


If only I’d got my meagre locks trimmed last week!


I do recommend this link to a story of supercilious arrogance…



…a lesbian leftist mayor – Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot – who closes down barbers, then waltzes off to her own hair-dresser, and then is caught on camera, ignoring even minimal social distance measures.

Shocking elitist arrogance!

But I can readily understand her concern for her appearance!

OMG – what a scary-looking woman!

I have remarked in the past that not all lesbians are unpleasant to look at, like that gal in Jakarta I was chatting to…


NOT the Chicago mayor, nor her hair-dresser!

….a very pretty gal at a party, for half an hour or more, then was suitably chagrined when she fessed up to be exactly that – a LESBIAN!

I was, as always, polite in my discomfiture, explaining that my look of shock was due to her not smoking a pipe, nor wearing appropriate lesbian gear, viz. hob-nailed boots and a tweed suit.

She countered that such attire in Jakarta’s tropical weather would be most uncomfortable – fair point!

Indeed, in some cases, I have done my personal, noblest, most altruistic, best to persuade them back to normal non-aberrant behaviour!

But I wouldn’t make such efforts with the Mayor of Chicago – take a look at Lightfoot!

That photo you will see, if you use the link – the big photo, not the one of her standing non-safely, mere inches from her hair-dresser – could easily guarantee her a walk-on role…



…as an extra in my fave zombie TV serial, The Walking Dead!

Oh, and on another issue…