BBC, Still Fawning Over Calais Fake-‘Refugees!’

More pro-crimmigrant cr-p from the BBC this morning, from Calais, reminiscent of their previous shrilling for those crimmigrant curs…


…when they gleefully disregarded the truth, that the illegal rabble on the Channel coast were in no need of asylum, because they were, and are, economic migrants.


They are also, many of them, violent anti-socials.

While not as many reports of rape have been heard…

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…..since the dispersal a couple of years ago….

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Natacha Bouchart, Calais mayor, said the plans would lead to a new Jungle. 

It was “an injustice to the people of Calais,” she added. In the past, official welcome centres have always attracted thousands who cannot get in and who set up illegal camps nearby.

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..a dispersal clearly ineffective, since poor Calaisiens now face an alien horde again, and we have still had to make sporadic comment on how obnoxious they are.



But today’s morning news was like deja vu, same old hogwash…

…migrants who have fled persecution and povery.

…that fatuous BBC havk Fergal Keane oozing soppily around the French port-city’s melange of aliens, listening to whining ingrates, and leftist NGO twits and concluding that-

‘ ..the arrival of the corona virus is nothing short of a catastrophe…’

Get real, hack.

It’s the arrival of those illegals in northern France that’s been ‘nothing short of a catastrophe!

Keane the Clown even interviewed an ‘asylumer’ in England, a clearly dishonest woman unwilling to reveal her illegal identity.

Bold reporter Keane collaborated in her ID cover-up.

These are NOT ‘refugees’ – they are already in a safe democratic country so their urge to cross the Channel is clearly not because they’re in need of ‘sanctuary’ in another safe democratic country!

Keane admits the bulk of the bludgers want to reach Britain.

But he lacks any interest in the truth.



Curs like Keane will never remind us of that UK Government Minister’s perceptive observation….

‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.

They only want their snouts in the UK tax-trough!