Blind To Reality, Belgiium Turns Crimmigrants Loose!

Only minutes ago, we let you have a look at dirty filthy migrant savages, making a mockery of anti-virus measures in Greece.

Now we offer you an example of idiocy, by Belgium, which, in contrast to the common sense seen in Bosnia, for example….

In Bosnia, Corona Cloud Has Silver Lining… 


…has put all Belgians at greater risk by unleashing fake ‘refugees’ en masse.

No less than 297 rejected asylum-seekers ( NB, they do NOT qualify as refugees, even by slack Belgian standards) have been allowed to leave detention, as part of the government’s preparations to combat the threat of the Chinese virus.

According to Voice of Europe, quoting the Flemish-language Het Laatste Nieuws report , the Minister of Health, who curiously doubles as Minister of Asylum and Migration, has tried to reassure anxious citizens that ‘none of them had committed crimes,’ but then they wouldn’t have had much opportunity to do so in detention, would they?

Belgian governments have a duty to protect the health and welfare of Belgians.

We know that undesirable aliens elsewhere are not given to responsible behaviour in the current emergency.

Letting this lot out amongst the populace is simply wrong.