Erdolf’s Exodus – ‘Poor Syrian Refugees?’ Yeah, Right!

News from the Aegean…



..about those poor Syrian refugees?

NB, this is NOT a Greek newspaper story, but comes from a Turkish media source which is very much on Erdogan’s side!

The coast guard dispatched a team to the waters off Dikili district, where 26 foreign nationals were detained. The foreigners were from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Gambia, Somalia, Central Africa, Tunisia and Palestine…

Pick up your atlas, please and ask yourself how people from most of those countries somehow found themselves in Turkey!



In a separate incident, 24 foreigners from Syria, Central African Republic, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon were caught by security authorities in rubber boats off the coast of Çeşme district before entering Greece.

So all the tear-jerking pix from Syria we keep seeing on the pro-crimmigrant tv channels have ABSOLUTELY no bearing on the majority of those listed in this ….

…oh, and on another matter….

China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

Call the guilty to account….