Who Sabotaged Bludger Boat? Medal For Maltese Hero?!

How about we all send a word of praise to the Maltese Armed Forces?


Coat of arms Armed forces of Malta.svg

Minister Byron Camilleri –byron.camilleri@gov.mt


Urge Dr. Camilleri to honour the man who did the deed that upset every pinko creep in Malta!

Last I heard, the government in Valetta was neither confirming nor denying the claim by all kinds of scumbags that navy personnel had sabotaged a crimmigrant vessel off the island state’s shores.

Allegedly, ‘an official from the P52 boat boarded the migrant vessel roughly 20 miles southwest of Malta and damaged the engine before leaving the boat to drift.’

That’s the kind of patriotic initiative that deserves either a medal or promotion, or both.

But the international ratbag network is all set to raise a hue and cry, so it remains to be seen if the Maltese Government will stand by its grand navy man.

The story so far?

Some alien uppity, part of a crimmigrant cargo, rang a leftist ‘NGO’ with the absurd name ‘Alarm Phone.’



The sticky-beaks then went scuttling to the notorious New York Times with an audio recording of the crimmigrant whiner’s bleat –

“The Malta military is coming and cut the cable of electricity for the motor. They are not want anybody come to Malta — they say that.”

Amen to that, as one of my regular readers likes to say. Apart from leftist hacks, whom you may read about here….


…and self-righteous ‘NGO’ subversives, who the hell on Malta wants any of those uppity illegals oozing off the bludger boats onto Maltese shores?