Evil Erdolf’s Double-Plague Plan – We Should Arm The Kurds!

There’s just no end to Erdolf’s iniquity…


…an inescapable conclusion, which we reach from reading various media, not those published on resistance blogs like ours, but in the so-called ‘mainstream,’ reports similar to that at the top of our page.

At least the media on the frontline has not pulled any punches.



…on Sunday, leading Greek media reported that Turkey was in fact considering such a plan…


Erdolf wants to torment Europe with not only a crimmigrant plague but the corona virus?      Damn the S.O.B!

....hoping to exert fresh pressure on Europe to extract added financial aid for hosting nearly 4 million Syrian refugees and sparing the continent a fresh migration crisis…

’Sparing’ the civilised world?

The civilised world clearly has yet to learn the Danegeld lesson.

Invasion 2020 – Once You Pay The Danegeld… 

…or every European nation would already be telling Erdolf to turk off.

Instead, Useless Ursula wants more TALKS?

No more talks.

Deport Erdolf’s disloyal diaspora in Europe!

Declare unconditional solidarity with Greece!


Sanction the Turks.

Blockade their coast.

And ARM the KURDS!