Indonesia – Cops Corral Class-War Hate-Gang!

The vile class-hate dogmas promoted by communism are not much in evidence here in Indonesia, especially since the PKI ( Communist Party of Indonesia) has long been banned.



The Reds tried to seize power back in 1965 and the armed forces, with the support of most of the people, hit back hard. Few relished the thought of their country undergoing the evils that attended communist rule on the Chinese mainland.

Although some ‘liberals’ in the media still whine about the consequences of that bloody strife…

Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds

‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!!’s fair to say that there’s no significant body of opinion sympathetic to marxist ideology.

All the more surprising then to read that just a few miles from where I live in Jakarta, in Tangerang, just across the city limits, a class-hate gang was rumbled last weekend, numerous arrests effected after propaganda slogans…

Time for the Crisis to Burn!”

“Kill the Rich!” 

“Wanna Die As Fools Or Fight?”.

…appeared ‘on the walls of shops, inviting the populace to riot…’

That was Thursday.

The cops went after the perps, described as an ‘Anarko group,’ and by Saturday had picked up no less than five people, who, if found guilty, ) face ten years for incitement.

Thing is, in normal circumstances, this kind of quasi-marxist hogwash could be dismissed as adolescent antics, perhaps.

But in Indonesia these dark days, thousands have suddenly lost their jobs, not much chance of finding other work, and a very thin safety-net, which won’t bear too much weight.



Anxiety, to say the least, is widespread, and one person’s bad day can become a spark that can lead to Gods knows what. I wasn’t here for the 1998 mayhem ignited by Krismon, the economic crisis, but I know a lot of people, locals and foreign, who were.

Exhortations to ‘fight, kill, burn’ are desperately dangerous, not a prank, and the police response is hardly heavy-handed.