Outrageous – No Virus Crisis Help For ‘Xenophobes?’

Seriously, that’s what happened in a major Italian city, and even though the pinko creep Mayor of Parma, in northern Italy, has had to back down, after public outrage over disgraceful civic discrimination…


Parma’s Mayor Federico Pizzarotti

….the allocation of ‘vouchers for families in difficulty’ requiring the needy “to repudiate fascism ” and “not to profess and make propaganda for xenophobic, racist, sexist ideologies….”

….Comrade Pizzarotti appears still to be mired in moral vacuity.

For my English-speaking readers ( the great majority) I would point out, perhaps needlessly, that the word ‘fascism’ has been rendered almost meaningless by Red Nazi Antifa and their fellow-travellers in the political-media establishment…



Adhering to and expressing support for an ‘ideology’ is everybody’s right in a democratic society. 

Those buzz-words ‘xenophobic and racist’ were and are applied as smears…


Far-left anti-Brexit freaks

….to Brexiteers and Trump voters alike, millions of people who would be denied help in the Chinese Virus crisis, if the discriminatory Parma policy were to be replicated in their countries.

As for ‘sexist,’ would my International Women’s Day post get me left out of the queue if I were starving in Parma…


Rejoice! It’s International Women’s Day! 

…and BTW, how many shariah fans would be turned away by Parma?


Interesting question!

To be fair, the PC bigotry even caught flak from a  lefty in Red Renzi’s old Democratic Party.

“I say this as a convinced anti-fascist. It is national money destined for the needy in an emergency. The anti-fascist declaration here has nothing to do with it at all,” said one such.

As Il Tempo accurately defines the municipal diktat –

An anti-fascism license to receive aid.’


Double standard – Wikipedia
A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for situations that are, in principle, the same, and is often used to describe an advantage that is given to one party over another.

Of course there is nothing in Parma’s ‘license’ about repudiating marxism, or any of that poisonous ideology’s evil variants.



As Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s Number One Patriot gal…



…put it –

…’the ISIS cutthroats, the mafia, the criminals, those who praise the crimes of Pol Pot, of Stalin…can stuff themselves with the meal vouchers of the Municipality of Parma… “

And the bigot puke Pizzarotti’s retreat reveals less of a guilty conscience than we are entitled to expect.



In fact, the swine reveals an absolutely discriminatory mind-set on the part of Parma’s apparatchiks.

It’s part of a regulation that…has been incorrectly inserted.

In this part it is written that if you profess xenophobia, racism and nazism you cannot benefit from civic halls or amenities sponsored by the Municipality of Parma. That will remain so.

But it does not apply to the bonuses…the error will be corrected. “

In other words, Parma denies free speech to those it deems ‘far right…’


…but not to red vermin like the communists?

An Italian version of the nasty No Platform policy beloved by bigot-lefts in  our own countries?




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