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    More Than 70 New Snouts In UK Tax Trough!

    If Macron were doing what he should be doing, defending his country, hunting down people with no right to be in France…


    …putting them behind bars, making sure their illegitimate presence in his country were made as disagreeable as possible, then all those stuck-up legal lice…

    …who use Britain’s tax-funded legal aid to advance the cause of illegal aliens would use that as evidence to plead their case for ‘asylum.’

    But of course Macron is doing nothing of the sort. Thousands of the scum are prowling as they  please all over France!

    =========Image result for fake refugees paris bomb daily mail

    • =======


    Some that have been let into France have committed mass-murder!

    He can try to justify his inertia by invoking that infamous diktat from Strasbourg’s degenerate judges, the European Court of Human Rights…

    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..



    …as an excuse to handcuff his own police, but at present, all les flics can do is move the parasites along if they make French streets noisome by their presence.

    Hence any of that alien rabble who transgress UK maritime boundaries are ipso facto NOT entitled to asylum, lying if they claim they are..



    …and that’s even by the Brussels Empire’s own ‘Dublin Rules,’ for pity’s sakes. If they gate-crashed Europe via France, there they should stay.


    If they reached France via another EU country, it’s up to Macron to shift the bludgers back from France to whence they came.

    So WHY, when those four boat-loads of parasites, some 72 fake-‘refugees’ intercepted by Border Force off the coast of Kent and Sussex on Sunday…

    ….why were they not AT ONCE turned around and herded back to France?

    Instead, ‘all individuals were being taken to Dover to be assessed for any medical requirements before their cases are considered.’



    It’s all very well for Tony Eastaugh, ‘the Home Office’s director for crime and enforcement,’ to witter that ‘those facilitating illegal crossings were “breaking the law” and the UK would seek to return anyone with no right to be in the country.’

    PLEASE NOTE – ‘seek to return,’ not ‘return!’

    Meanwhile the swine will have their illegal snouts dug deep in the British tax-trough, soaking up funds that could be put to good use on all manner of things that needy British people need.



    How many gate-crasher gits have violated British borders in this manner since last year?

    How many of THOSE have been sent back?


    • Louie Panaris 21:09 on April 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      These illegals should get no more time in Britain than the time it takes to refuel their boats ( and the cost of the fuel should be raken from whatever cash they have in their pockets) before they are escorted to French territorial waters, their engine smashed and the boat left to drift till some kind French person takes them in tow.



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