Conte’s Cabal Caves In To Crimmigrant Cargo Carrier

Having discussed the plight of the small Italian island of Lampedusa this week…



…we now have to take note of another great betrayal by that Conte, who is catching serious flak from patriot leaders like Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni over the EUSSR deal.



We referred in that Lampedusa post to Conte’s mealy-mouthed move to stop leftist “NGOs” dumping loads of primitives on Italian harbours…


…the pathetic PM should have been as delighted as most of his fellow-citizens undoubtedly were to hear that a stop might be put to the invasion that has plagued them for years…

Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

7 Sep 2017 – Along some migrant routes, half or more of women surveyed reported experiencing sexual assault during the journey, and many take birth control to avoid becoming pregnant from rape. 

…but instead he sounded half-hearted about it!

And what happens next?

Instead of forcing that bludger-boat that had been skulking off Malta…

Seize The Boat..Sink It!’ Malta Man Makes Pinkos Cross! 

….all the way back to where it came from (Libya) Conte has provided the parasites with exactly what they want, free board and lodging, temporarily on a ‘quarantine’ vessel…


…but you can bet your boots the spongers,mostly from Africa and the Middle East, will NOT be deported when quarantine ends. Meanwhile, they have to undergo health checks, Italian officials said.

Bloody Hell!

Even in the BBC report, we are reminded of Italy’s current nightmare – her other nightmare!

Italy’s transport ministry said the move was necessary because Sicily’s health services were already stretched.

And every doctor, nurse or medical equipment wasted on these no-goods is a doctor, nurse or vital item that could be devoted to the treatment of a decent, honest Italian.



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