Pity Italy – Corona AND The Crimmigrant Cancer!

It’s a long time since I was in Naples, and it was a pretty rough and ready city back then.

But nothing like the nightmare situation reported this week in the Vasto neighbourhood…

….with foul and filthy crimmigrants brazenly defying even the most basic safety rules observed by the civilised Italians in the city.

I give you the gist of the latest episode, reported in Italian media  –


– in which the noisome ‘star’ is a 29-year-old alien (from Chad) who attacked a municipal police patrol, wearing no anti-virus mask, ‘for no apparent reason.’



’Only the subsequent intervention of the State police and the Carabinieri brought the situation back to calm, an intervention made difficult by the intrusion of other 29-year-old foreign “colleagues” who came to support him against law enforcement.’



Incredibly, once ‘immobilised and charged with assault on public officials,’ the dirty savage was released, thus, as the report makes clear, ‘free to attack anyone who came within range.’

How many such alien amok-runs occur every week in Naples, and other Italian cities?



Damn few that we read about in the English-language media in the UK, USA, or Canada or Australia!



How often do they happen?

A lot, judging from the observation by the reports that the incident is ‘yet another that highlights the completely uncaring attitude of the neighbourhood’s non-EU citizens towards the rules of social distancing and quarantine…while the Italians of Vasto have been forced into isolation for a month’…the Africans there ‘are free to gather in small groups all day.’

 The local cops are sick at heart.

” We are in the trenches and we are fighting an arduous battle” – explains the commander of the San Lorenzo section of the Municipal Police Alfredo Maraffino – “because it is impossible to completely suppress the phenomenon of gatherings. When we drive aliens away from Piazza Principe Umberto we find them a few minutes later in Piazza Leone. …

“When we move them away from Piazza Leone we find them in some narrow streets of Vasto or Porta Nolana. 

‘What happened today – continues Marraffino – is practically our everyday life. We are on the front line and we are doing everything we can to give citizens confidence, many of whom do not fail to show us their solidarity…”.



Decent, honest Italian people complying with the very onerous rules required in a national crisis…



…while ingrate alien scum thumb their noses at the plight of the nation their presence blights?

There’s talk of starting citizen vigilante patrols.


Good idea!

They should be authorised by the state, equipped with tasers and whips and given a free hand to bring the crimmigrant brutes to heel.

But with Conte’s coalition running the country, little chance of that.


Matteo Salvini

Italy desperately needs Salvini back in power…

Giorgia Meloni

…and Giorgia’s gentle touch, to handle the ‘worms,’ as she splendidly defined undesirable aliens…

….when she first came to my attention two years ago.