Tasty Headline -But Does Story Need A Fact-Check?

A delicious headline in the Guardian the other day, suggesting that even the darkest cloud has a silver lining.


’Corona Virus Could Be The Final Straw For The EU!’


NB – the illustration and the exclamation mark are my additions, not the work of the rambling pinko who wrote the article.

Jennifer Rankin certainly has the makings of a high-flier, in terms of media bias.

Before she went journo, She worked with the Institute for Public Policy Research,‘the UK’s leading progressive think tank.’

You can work your way through her turgid prose and find ‘experts’ galore, impartial experts, like Heather Grabbe, ‘a former adviser to the EU enlargement commissioner….who now leads the Open Society European Policy Institute in Brussels…’



Aaah, a Sorosoid!

That ‘Open Society’ gang is funded by Sauron, of course, so who better to comment on Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, who has done a fine job of exposing and opposing Soros’ evil influence.

Scan the page and you’ll find other ‘experts,’ who are all just as dispassionate…


….about the essence of the story as is some Europhiliac ex-Brussels apparatchik named Nathalie Tocci, ‘ a former adviser to the EU foreign policy chief.’

If it goes badly this really risks being the end of the union. It fuels all the nationalist-populism.”


‘HOPES’ is how some of us would put it!

If we went to bed tonight and woke up tomorrow to find the EUSSR had disappeared into the dustbin of history…

….millions would forget ‘social distance’ and be dancing in the streets from morning till night and through the night again!


Heck, I’d be dancing in my Jakarta front yard as I burned that vile banner!

Sure, Nathalie’s entitled to be nuts about the evil edifice, but if Ranting Rankin is going to use her to pad out her prejudiced article, then, had she any attachment to fair reporting…

– never, in the Guardian!

…there’d be quotes from the numerous notables who share views similar to mine!

However, it’s the Guardian, innit?

But speaking of wise notables, how about Matteo Salvini, the Italian patriot leader, whom Pinko-Reddish Rankin of course pejoratively smears as ‘Italy’s far-right leader?’

According to Rankin, Salvini has ‘plummeted in the polls.’


On checking, I learned that his Lega party had gone down by a handful of percentage points, while his close ally, the party of my pin-up, Giorgia Meloni, had nearly doubled her support!



If anything, Giorgia is even sounder in her stances than Matteo, so I don’t see how a very minor Lega slump can be a ‘plummet’ in view of the facts.

But then, again, we are dealing with yukky Euroid scribbling.

Best avoided!