Erdolf’s Evil Dream – A Reality In Colonised Qatar?

We have seen Erdolf’s expansionist ambitions cheered on by adherents of his sectarian party…

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Polish hero John Sobieski in 1683, defending Vienna from Turk aggression.

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…and the threats made against the Balkan states.

We have viewed this from a European position, naturally.

But it’s fair to remember that, while barbarous Turkish oppression is alive in the collective memory of the Serbs, Bulgarians and of course the Greeks…

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…who have had a timely reminder how quickly threatened aggression becomes real aggression…

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…there are other peoples, outside of Europe, with good reason to fear the Turks.


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All tBrits with a decent education know how Lawrence of Arabia spent so much time and energy fighting alongside the Arabs who wanted to throw off the Ottoman yoke.



Here’s a short piece by an Arab of today who fears that yoke is coming back.

Sheikh Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Thani, a cousin and persistent critic of Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, wrote in an article titled “Erdogan Tightens His Grip On Qatar” that the Qatari regime had transformed the country into a Turkish vassal.




Fahad claimed that by submitting to the neo-Ottoman yoke of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Qatar was rejecting the legacy of the Arabs’ struggle to liberate themselves from Ottoman rule.

Erdogan, he warned, would not rest until he had transformed Qatar into Turkey’s first colony and had the Qataris speaking Turkish. The article appeared in the Saudi-based Arab News