Will Bare-Ass Bi-Sexual Hand Trump A Big Win?

California may have a much higher weirdo population percentage than most other American states…

Fatuous Friscolese – New Left-Lingo In California

…but it seems that, even there, many voters are ill-disposed to elected representatives behaving as indecorously as Democratic legislator Katie Hill – sorry, EX-legislator!


Freshman leftist Democrat Congresswoman, Katie Hill, resigned from Congress last week, after titillating, au naturel photos of her with a paid female campaign staffer and suggestions of a sexual affair with a paid male Congressional staffer emerged

But while the cultural marxist’s downfall is obviously old news now, thank to the exposure of her extra-curricular bare-ass behaviour and her subsequent resignation…


….there’s a special election due on 12th May, and Democrats are fearful of losing the seat to a man who sounds like an excellent Republican candidate, a former Navy fighter pilot, Mike Garcia. https://thepatriotjournal.com/cali-upset-22-years-house-seat/

What poetic political justice would it not be, if the far-left flapper’s frolicking handed The Donald a welcome win in the heart of enemy territory!