‘Die Getriebenen?’ Better Call Merkel Film ‘Die Teufelin!’

DW, Germany’s tax-funded pro-crimmigrant propaganda cess-pool, is perhaps not an ideal place to find a fair film review…

…when the subject of the movie is Mama Stasi Merkel’s Great Betrayal of her fellow-citizens.

The Driven Ones’: Film relives Merkel’s refugee crisis management


But I read it nonetheless, since I’d written a little about the book by Robin Alexander on which it’s said to be based.

Die Getriebenen (“The Driven Ones”).

New Book Exposes Merkel As More Coward Than Traitor

The reviewer is clearly a fan of the ex red gestapo flunkey…

Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

…praising her ‘caution, level-headed decision making and clear communication’ in the current virus crisis.

If he said Mama Stasi was impulsive or reckless, it might almost be possible to forgive the old she-devil. Yet her actions were cold and calculation, purposeful, as many Germans understand…

‘Human Rights’ Expert Exposes Merkel -A Deliberate Plot

…because only a complete fool could not have foreseen the consequences of importing an alien horde, most of them from countries afflicted with the engrained iniquity of treating women as second-class human beings.

German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

But the reviewer recognises that today ‘Germany still grapples with the consequences of the decisions made back then,’ and admits that Alexander’s book showed ‘meticulous research and detailed narrative, which some called “riveting as a crime novel.”

Other views are quoted, the leftist Süddeutsche Zeitung and another paper called tax, which snarled that the book was “manipulative.”


 I doubt I’ll get to watch the docudrama – it’s tv only, in Germany, and apparently premiered last Wednesday. But who knows, maybe Netflix will have it!

Will it be as good as the book?

The reviewer seems to think so, but that means little in the light of his praise for the character portrayed by actress Imogen Kogge – the chancellor appears as a pillar of strength among the impulsive alpha males in the film and refuses to be pushed into making quick decisions.

Often criticized for waiting out problems, in the film Merkel comes across level-headed rather than hesitant.

There are some interesting representations, apparently, like that of renegade ‘conservative’ Markus Söder turning on his fellow-Bavarian Seehofer, who dissented from Merkel’s open-border operation, and of opportunism of the ‘cynical’ Socialist  Sigmar Gabriel.


But the spiritual essence of Mama Stasi…

…is undoubtedly summed up by the last word…the actress who plays Angela Merkel, utters in the film..