France24 – Paris Pravda’s Latest Trumpophobe Hate-Fest!


France’s tax-subsidised propaganda channel seems to be rivalling the fanatical promotion of Trumpophobic fury on display in the output of their UK counterpart…

WHO? Tax-Funded Media’s Anti-Trump ‘Experts…’ 

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show! 

..but the blatant bias of France24’s ‘World This Weekend’ – a carefully selected global ‘Gang of Four’ hacks ‘discussing the news- was so bad that even my new cat walked out of my living room…


She looks nothing like this!


…in evident disgust.

Surely SOMEBODY in the Paris Pravda HQ must realise that exclusion of ANY dissent makes their bitter bigotry crystal-clear to their audience?

Surely so, but they just don’t give a merde about the basic principles…

….once expected of honest media!

We had not just one but two Trump-haters from the far-left American Daily Beast ( F24’s ‘official media partner!’) plus a sour-faced Kiwi hackette, and a Brit grimnasty from the Financial Times.

We have noted Christopher Dickey before…


Gambar terkait

Christopher ‘The BeastDickey on Trump supporters… They are ‘STUPID! ‘

…….so his rant about Trump’s ‘cynical game‘ was not unexpected, matched by his DB comrade, Matt Taylor, who told us that in his beloved New York there was ‘a lot of rage’ against the President.



Taylor took a few side-swipes too at what he perceived as ‘racism’ among American protests against excessive government actions.


Catherine Field on Muck Rack
Catherine Field
Paris-based journalist covering Europe. Berlin & China correspondent for The Observer newspaper. Started career at BBC World Service news..’.

As for the gnarled NZ pinkolette, Catherine Field, she tried hard to excel the DB duo, describing the President’s performance as ‘jaw-dropping…’ he has ‘caused so much unhappiness.’

Not to be outdone by that biased bint, we then had Victor Mallet, the FT Englishman, braying that DT has been ‘tendentious …indecisive…unable to step up...’ and a lot more.

I didn’t have time to jot it all down but you can see it all for yourselves on the F24 link.

Update – or rather, you could have seen it!

On re-checking, there’s a message saying this video has been ‘removed’ – by F24? Some guilt, at last?

Keep trying!

As I often say, these media elitists are entitled to hold their extremist opinions and express them.


France24 takes public money. It has no right to hand the left a monopoly of places on a panel meant to be informative about world events.

The Donald should give Le Muppet a call.