Un-Distanced Friday Worship? It Had To Be Aceh!

It’s fair to say I haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye with Indonesia’s powerful top Islamic organisation over the years…

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…but there’s no denying the MUI have shown a responsible attitude in the current corona crisis, telling folks to stay home and perform their prayers in private.

But there’s no show without Punch, as it’s said, and while Kompas.com reports that there are mosques holding general worship, naming one here in Jakarta. which at least required social distancing between attendees…


…and another, NOT in Jakarta!

Guess where?

Kompas named one mosque where no such discipline was to be seen.

The Baiturrahman Mosque in Aceh, for example, continues to hold Friday prayers in congregation today and looks crowded with worshipers without any physical distance restrictions.

Masjid Baiturrahman di Aceh, misalnya, tetap menggelar shalat Jumat berjamaah pada hari ini dan tampak ramai dipadati jamaah tanpa adanya penerapan pembatasan jarak (physical distancing).



Not really!

Nothing that happens in the only Indonesian province under the iron hand of shariah law..


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…ever surprises me.