Indonesia Confronts Crisis, Sectarian Kill-Joys Carry On!

In Sumatra, last week, the cops were busily ‘investigating’ an amateur comedy video which has got a pack of kill-joy uptights…



….in a terrible tizzy.

Pretending to be possessed while singing the song ‘Aisha the Wife of The Prophet.’

In the video, R Hidayat alias Aleh, who was arrested by a police officer, claimed that what he had made was only for fun and there was no intention of harassment..

Now the lad is waiting to see if the cops’ investigation results in him doing time, after the kill-joys’ complaints!

Indonesia is facing a fearsome health crisis, with the risk of major unrest.

Indonesia – Cops Corral Class-War Hate-Gang! 

Have the cops up there got nothing better to do than bother a kid who was having a bit of fun!?