Colorado Freakery – New Bake-A-Cake Witch-Hunt!


We covered the case of the Christian baker Jack Phillips, who won a famous victory at the U.S.Supreme Court, after a pair of whining queers went even further uptight than usual…


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A Glorious Victory Over The Gaystapo

…when Phillips refused on grounds of principle to bake a cake for their so-called ‘gay’ so-called  ‘wedding.’

But another gaystapo witch-hunter quickly got into top gear.


This time the excuse is that the baker declined to bake a ‘transition’ cake for a trans-freak!

I won’t provide its name, but if you want more info, use the link.

What is interesting, though, is that it’s not the tax-payers of Colorado whose money is being splurged on the latest bout of anti-Christian witch-hunting.



After due consideration, the ‘agency’ that collaborated with the pervert pair evidently left the tranny to do its own thing!

Maybe the flunkeys have learned their lesson.

But it’s still no fun for the honest baker to face more harassment for being a Christian.

Read all about it here-

TARGETED: Christian Baker Sued AGAIN, This Time Over Transgender Cake