Tell Billionaire Beggar Branson To B-gger Off!

Isn’t it breath-taking to watch that arrogant plutocrat Richard Branson telling the world that he didn’t quit Britain for tax reasons, but because he loved his tropical island so very much?

Billionaire Branson Asks For Government Money To Save Virgin Atlantic, Claims He ‘Did Not Leave Britain For Tax Reasons’

One might observe that if he loved the Caribbean that much, then the blustering, blaring ass who appeared in our pages and in much bigger media too, again and again…


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Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

…he might have stayed there sun-bathing and kept his sticky-beak nose out of the Brexit debate, but never mind.

Brits wisely ignored that unasked-for intrusion.

Nor is this the first time he’s gone into beggar-mode, and been rebuked for it!

Labour’s shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald urged Sir Richard to “look to his own considerable reserves” and withdraw his proposal that Virgin airlines staff take eight weeks’ unpaid leave to mitigate the economic consequences of the coronavirus.

He added that he trusts the government have told Sir Richard to “use his own considerable resources” before offering his company a financial package.

World’s Getting Weirder – Strange Bed-Fellow Night! 

Before he waggles his begging bowl in the faces of British or Australian or any other tax-payers, let him sell off his island, and all the other luxurious places he owns, and THEN ask governments to match it.

He’s not in the business of planes or trains or hotels because he’s some sort of philanthropist.

He’s in it for the money.

God knows he’s made enough! When profits were good, he bought an island – now that the going’s getting tough, he should sell it!

PS – now he’s said he’ll put up the isle as collateral, an offer he didn’t evidently think to make when first aiming his snout at 500 million pounds from the UK tax-trough.

But as that newspaper report tells us he has a personal fortune of FIVE BILLION, I repeat my view in the headline.