Time’s On Your Side – If You’re An Alien Liar in Berlin!

Just when we think the German ruling class is showing a glimmer of sense…


Germany plans stricter citizenship rules


…we read on and find that the sharp teeth seemingly bared against dirty lying aliens are rather rubbery, to say the least!

In an apparent bid to deter asylum-seekers from providing false information about their identities, the German government plans on making it harder for foreign nationals to attain citizenship…


There’s the give-away word – ‘harder!’

NOT excluded!

Any ‘asylum’ skunk who deploys false pretences to get to live in Germany ( or any country) should automatically forfeit any chance of residence…


But the weak-knee Interior Ministry in Berlin, far from excluding ‘immigrants who have been living in Germany under a false name or provided authorities with incorrect information about their country of origin when they arrived…’

…only wants to give mendacious aliens a slap-on-the-wrist with an expiry date.

The Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer ( below, with Mama Stasi) has been fiddling around with this issue for some time…


Too Little Too Late – Mama Stasi MIGHT Expel A Satanic Handful! 

…and we have already reported (above) on how any serious moves he makes get thwarted by the Socialist part of Mama Stasi’s coalition.

Whereas resident aliens can apply for citizenship once they have spent a minimum eight years in Germany, the ‘reform’ means that  ‘the years that an immigrant lived under a false identity would no longer count towards the total years required to attain citizenship.’

In other words, the liars CAN get citizenship – they just need to hang aroung longer than honest immigrants.

There’s more, and it’s equally unimpressive.

The so-called ‘reform’ also addresses an issue we have looked at in the context of other countries’ laws.

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Hasil gambar untuk anchor babies

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Bizarrely, at present, ‘babies born in Germany to two non-German parents can typically become citizens if one of their parents has been living in the country for eight years.’

Why, for pity’s sakes?

If one parent is German, no worries, but when two aliens produce another alien, it’s obviously not German.

A cuckoo hatched in a nightingale’s nest remains a cuckoo all its life!

And what’s the big change?

Under the new rules, children would only be granted German citizenship if their parents prove their identity and nationality.

So if mummy and daddy prove they’re both Turkish, or Somali – or Canadian or Estonian, for that matter – then their little darling gets to be German?

That sounds so nutty that I’m hoping I have misunderstood that section of Seehofer’s proposals.



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