New Low For UK Media? London Metro Slurs Paris Cops!

What kind of leftist toad stuck this headline above the report on the latest insurrection by banlieue savages in Paris?


Parisians protest against racist attacks by police during lockdown

Parisians…’ Hmmm…

Take careful note, please, although I’m quoting from the Metro, a London newspaper, I’m not using inverted commas as I usually would, just italics to show the words are not mine.

More importantly, note well the absence of inverted commas from that shameful biased headline, inverted commas which ought to have been there to indicate that the ‘racist attacks’ are not a factual description of events…


Paris banlieue insurrection, June 2012 – inherently uppity


…but merely a slur perpetrated by uppity denizens of certain Paris ‘suburbs’ infested by aliens who have no loyalty to France, and in which decent French folk fear to tread, such is the level of dangerous anti-social lawlessness there.

Zoe Drewett is the hackette named in the newspaper as the authoress of the report.



Pinko creep journos do not necessarily compose the headlined above their scribbling, but Drewett’s story is hardly better than the biased headline.

Tension with the police erupted last night in Villeneuve-la-Garenne near Paris (Picture: Taha Bouhafs/Getty) Riots broke out on the streets of Paris overnight amid rising anger at the treatment of ethnic minorities by ‘heavy-handed’ police during lockdown.

Give us a bloody break!

French cops don’t mess about.

The Yellow Vest demonstrators last year, some of whom may be ‘ethnic minorities, but not, I think, most,  complained a lot about ‘heavy-handed’ police.

I’m sure if I behaved unacceptably, les flics would handle me roughly too!

Maybe there are grounds for complaint. France has procedures for that, and courts too.


But rely on the banlieue whiners to  play the sleazy race card.


Everything we know of the banlieue brutes suggests that the trouble this week is no more the fault of the Paris police than were previous outbreaks of savage mob violence.

For any British media to take the side of the savages is outrageous.