Zuckwit’s Geekstapo – Now Self-Appointed Lockdown Arbiters

I’m not convinced about the efficacy of masks.


Many of my Indonesian friends here in Jakarta have worn them for years, against the pollution generated by the ghastly traffic.

Not me.

There was one ‘expert’ on tv, telling us they only worked if you don’t take them off ‘to have a cigarette or to eat.’


The prospect of slow starvation while properly masked holds little appeal.

But there’s a rule here now that we must put on our masks when we venture outdoors.

It applies, quite rightly, to us foreigners as to Indonesians…

…so every day when I go out for my half-hour walk to the minimart, on goes my mask.

Same doubts arise for lockdowns.

I can see the reasoning behind them, but there’s room for debate. Some countries are much more locked down than others.

Yet now we have Zuckwit donning the mantle of health czar.


The little Obamanoid ass-wipe’s geekstapo are now tasked with enforcing the received wisdom of whom?

Red China’s WHO collabos?

Facebook deems protests ‘harmful misinformation’ as citizens defy quarantine orders

Who the bloody hell does the smarmy little drip think he is!

Americans protesting their states’ coronavirus lockdown measures won’t be able to organize protests on Facebook any longer, after the Silicon Valley firm declared them “harmful misinformation.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that anti-lockdown protests organized through his platform are considered “harmful misinformation,” and will be removed by moderators.


Come November, will the same apply to information about candidates Zuckwit considers ‘harmful?’