Gunfire In Serbia! Migrant Savages Stage Break-Outs!

How many of YOUR media covered the mass break-outs – yes, not one but two – in Serbia, one on Monday, so serious that armed forces personnel…



…on duty to enforce the quarantine, had to use their fire-arms – ‘shooting in the air in a bid to stop’ the migrant savages escaping.

One batch of defiant crimmigrants staged their insurrection near Belgrade. The other break-out bid occurred near the Croatian border.

Serbia’s Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin is very much a socialist, and, looking back on his record, I find much to disagree with…

Aleksandar Vulin
Александар Вулин

…but this week, let’s all congratulate the man on this admirable declaration –

“When you try to break the law everyone will be stopped by the corresponding use of force!”


Hear, hear!

Now let’s ask why these upstart arrogant aliens got almost no coverage in Western media.

No news value?

Ungrateful primitives…

….snouts deep in free board and lodging, turning nasty to the extent that Serbian soldiers had to open fire?

A story we all need to read, surely.

But if the stout Serbs’s readiness to face down the fake-refugees became widely known, there’s a real risk that people in Germany, Italy…



…and elsewhere in Europe, might start asking why their leaders are not talking the kind of sense we hear from Serbia’s Minister Vulin!