Honour Anzac Day Today – Tomorrow, Go After The ‘Arts’ Rats!

As Australians mark their very special day, in the strangest of circumstances, may we hope that Anzac Day will not be marred by renewed vile outbursts from that sow who offended every decent Australian…



….with her obnoxious outburst, then slithered off, like some sort of slimy reptile, to the UK..

9 Sep 2017 – ‘It’s a beautiful day for migrating’: Yassmin Abdel-Magied leaves Australia for the UK – after branding herself the country’s ‘most hated Muslim’ for her Anzac Day post.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied leaves Australia headed for the UK

….only to ooze back into Oz, in 2018, to be made welcome by the Un-Australian ABC, thus sticking her ugly snout into the public purse –  and apparently working as an ‘actress’ with the equally unwholesome SBS.

NOW, or at least this year, the bad bitch has managed to gouge more from Australian tax-payers!

Writing on Twitter about the news, Abdel-Magied said she never expected to secure the grant from the Australia Council, also known as The Australia Council for the Arts, which is the federal government’s official art funding body. 


Her award was announced as part of the latest grants round earlier this month, which saw a total of $6.5 million handed out to 186 artists. Yassmin received the substantial sum of $20,000 as well as a six-month stunt at the Keesing Studio in the French capital.

MOST OF ALL, surely, by any outfit that dishes out public money.

Amid all the vast sums being spent, quite rightly, on helping keep businesses afloat, seeing them through the current crisis, there is one recipient of government largesse which needs to be taught a lesson for its unpatriotic profligacy.

Industry profile|Australia Council for the Arts|108216|ArtsHub ...

That Australia Council should be cut off without a penny more of tax-dollars – until they rescind that grant!

If the bitch is already in Paris, she can earn a living on the street-corners of the banlieues. 

Of course I mean by singing and dancing