BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner!

Watching BBC bimbos and berks talk to their soul-mates is a soul-destroying experience.

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They closely resemble the chunter-fests staged by France24’s old bat brigade.

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The squalid charades do nothing to enlighten audieces at home, except insofar as the muppets confirm what most Brits know is State-funded media bias.

How stunningly different was Hard Talk, Wednesday this week, when Stephen Sackur had the Hungarian Government spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs on his show, but not at his mercy!


Kovács Zoltán.jpg
Zoltan Kovacs

The Magyar gave as good as he got, so well, in fact, that Sackur’s aggressive attitude descended to blatant discourtesy.

Sackur kept banging on about the so-called ‘Helsinki Committee,’ which has nothing to do with Helsinki and much more to do  with Soros, who infamously bank-rolls its yelping agitation.



But Sackur has shown a grasp of reality on at least one previous occasion.

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Sackur also undoubtedly prepares for his show and thus must be aware of the funding ‘Helsinki’ has gotten from Soros’ front organisation, the ‘Open Society Foundation…’

OSF said it would continue to support civil society groups in Hungary, but beneficiaries of its grants such as the Hungarian Helsinki Committee…

…but nevertheless the BBC man claimed it was a ‘respected’ outfit!

By whom?


Not by anyone who knows which trough the Helsinki snouts have a history of being lodged in!

For some reason, Sackur seemed obsessed by the emergency powers – approved by a two-thirds majority of the freely elected Hungarian Parliament – which Orban has been given to handle the corona crisis.


Related image

Viktor Orban


In vain did Mr. Kovacs point out that almost every government, and not just in Europe, has introduced tough measures, approved by legislatures.

And parliament can end the state of emergency at any time.’

This seemed only to vex Sakur, who had begun his show ( show-trial?) with the odd question, ‘is this Europe’s first de facto dictatorship?’ ) for he began to rant that Hungary has ‘put democracy in the deep freeze!’

You’re engaged in Alice-in-Wonderland politics…you’re using the emergency as a fig-leaf…”

The Hungarian’s references to the left-liberal prejudice that motivates the Strasbourg Slugs seemed further to provoke his hostile host, who could hardly deny that most MEPs are exactly what Kovacs said.

What was maybe the weirdest detour from the issue at hand was Sackur’s outlandish anguish about theatres in Hungary.

Why were they made to organise new management boards?
Frankly, who gives a monkey’s!?!

Maybe the old management boards were as lousy as the Australian ‘culture vulture’ Council we wrote about on Anzac Day?