Who Is Fahrudin Radoncic? He’s This Week’s Hero!

I expect that you, just like me, had never heard of the man…


Security Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Radoncic –

“We also want to psychologically discourage new migrants from coming here after the pandemic ends and borders open again.”

Bosnian security minister wants thousands of migrants deported

….but – as an add-on to my personal self-isolation keep-fit routine – I stand to attention and applaud his excellent proposals!

“[Migrants] who do not want to show their identity cards will not be allowed any more to use our migrant and refugee camps,” he said.

“They will go straight to jail.




And we will keep them there for one year to five years until we can establish their identity – this is our proposal for a new law.”

The report is a joy to read,  but being Aljazeera, it describes the undesirables as ‘refugees,’ not illegals


What wouldn’t Brits give to hear any UK government minister talk like Mr. Radoncic?

What wouldn’t the French give to hear such sense from one of Macron’s flunkeys?



Not a chance, nor is it any more likely that we’ll get any similarly patriotic declarations from the curs who currently rule Germany, or Italy!

Meanwhile, the Bosnian Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA) is said to be ‘preparing a list of those slated for deportation…’

But while such tidings do bring comfort and enjoy, we must note, again, that our source is the unwholesome Aljazeera…

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….so the background they insert comprises the big lie…

Radoncic’s comments reflect growing frustration in the small Balkan country with the influx of those who are fleeing violence and poverty…

Filthy migrant savages, bringing, not fleeing, violence

.…in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and who hope to move on towards Western Europe.


….though those last five words handily prove their fakery, for real refugees would not be country-shopping, focused on which benefit trough is deepest and tastiest!