BBC Elitism Sucks!

I was going to ignore it but the BBC keeps plugging away and bugging my day, day after day, some geezer with an ever-so-toffee-nosed voice, promoting their ‘Arts and Culture’ shows..

‘Not many people have heard of her…she’s only one of America’s most important …’ 


If ‘not many people have heard of her,’ who decided she’s that damned ‘important?’

It’s not like she’s some unsung hero who has found a virus cure in an obscure lab…

China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


…or an unknown engineer in the space programme, whose break-through backroom work can have us all taking our annual holidays on Mars next year!

Art is NOT rocket science, but merely a matter of opinion.

Regrettably, the opinions of deadbeat ‘intellectuals’ is all too frequently elevated above the opinions of the rest of us.

The consequences of this elitism can be idiotic, like using public funds to exhibit pickled animals in London…

Arrogant Elites, Cameron, God And You Know Who! 

Related image

Damien Hurst’s Pickled Cow!

….or downright offensive, as when Aussie tax-dollars are lavished on that nasty sow…


…whom we noticed last week.

Maybe this woman is ‘important’ in the eyes of the BBC’s Mr. Posh-Boy…


…but he should make that clear – not present his personal prejudice in her favour as fact.