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    Beijing Virus-Villains Menace Indonesia – “Our Fishermen Feel Scared!”

    Red China may not, yet, have been found guilty, in a formal sense, of crimes against humanity…

    Beijing Despots Should Face A Nuremberg-Style Trial! 

    …as we suggested recently should happen…



    …but Beijing’s responsibility for the corona plague is not the only reason its ruling marxist cabal deserves universal obloquy.

    Here in Indonesia, there is growing concern, rightly, at the gun-boat bully-boy tactics of the Communist super-power.

    While most countries in the Indo-Pacific region are battling the coronavirus pandemic, China has been active in the South China Sea, taking aggressive action against Indonesia and Vietnam...
    ASEAN Members

    .. ASEAN countries

    Please take time to read the long but very readable article about how Red China’s aggressive behavior, in the midst of a crisis that is itself blamed on China, is only likely to further antagonize China’s Indo-Pacific neighbors.

    The Danger of China’s Maritime Aggression Amid COVID-19

    While many ASEAN countries, like The Philippines and Vietnam,  have suffered the malevolent attentions of the Beijing bandit fleet..


    ….Indonesians have a collective memory of how Mao’s local puppets, the PKI ( Communist Party of Indonesia) tried to enslave the entire archipelago in the 1960s – the Reds were put down, luckily…

    ….and that treason party is still outlawed here!

    So any action President Jokowi authorises against the ChiComs would get overwhelming support, not only from the fisherfolk facing the villainous gun-boats…

    Chinese fishing fleets with the support of armed Chinese Coast Guard ships have been encroaching into areas that Indonesia considers exclusive.

    …but also from the general public!

    Indonesian fishermen are perturbed that the government in Jakarta is not doing anything to protect them.

    I’m sure the President hears their voices.



    And those of their elected representatives..,

    Ngesti Yuni Suprapti, the deputy regent of the Natuna archipelago – “There was a vacant period, then China came back. Our fishermen feel scared..”

    And I am sure that, although naturally pre-occupied by the fight against the Chinese Virus…

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    ..he will be taking action against the expansionist aggression of the Red Chinese whose lies and prevarication have inflicted untimely death on so many, in Indonesia and around the world.

    • Agus 13:55 on April 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The Chinese Communists long have been dangerous to Indonesia.


    • JazPen 17:01 on April 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I would agree most Indonesians will support Jokowi if he gets tough on the Chinese, who are no better than pirates.
      I was talking to a very non-political Indonesian lady today and showed her your blog. She has an awareness of the trouble in those fisheries that surprised me. She fully supports any action Jokowi might take. Every time another Indonesian dies of the virus, she says, she gets angry against China.

      The problem is the military power the Chinese can use against anybody who stands up to them.
      If ASEAN organised a combined ‘task force’ then that might work but they need American and other Western countries to back them up.


      • Jim Ex Jakarta 17:45 on April 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Both of the above comments ring true.
        Unless Indonesia has changed since I l was a permanent resident and that was not so long ago, most people don’t trust Communist China.
        Those Communist Chinese boats are what you say, JazPen, pirates.
        They should be treated as such, captured or sunk.



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