School’s Out? Make The Most Of It! De-Tox Your Kids!

I see a pack of pinko creep teachers have been trying to brain-wash British school-kids into dislike of Britain’s greatest hero.



We have long known – and been disgusted by the failure of ‘Conservative’ governments to do anything about British children being subjected to un-British and anti-British brain-wash…

Good For These British Youngsters – Now Fire The Fanatic ‘Teachers!’ 

Euro-Commissar -Your Kids WILL”Develop A European Identity!” 

Captain Euro and the EU’s Totalitarian Propaganda War on Kids 



…nor is such malevolent indoctrination unique to the United Kingdom..

 Bravo, GillesFrench MEP Exposes NEW EUSSRSchool Brainwashing! 

And that’s just the Europhilia problem.

Worse than that is the issue that mobilised parents in the English Midlands to stand up and fight back….

Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation! 

…despite powerful enemies….

Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

As for the situation across the Atlantic, we know that many ‘teachers’ there are rabidly hostile to Canada’s traditional values and the British North American historical heritage…

Ontario TeachersTalk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald 

…and as for the USA, the prospect of youngsters spending time away from the left/liberal brain-washing that many so-called ‘educators’ see as their primary mission has got the undesirable element in a bit of a panic!

Get this rant, exposed helpfully by PJ Media, from a leftist shrew who looks just like what you’d expect her to look like!


Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet

Elizabeth Bartholet, faculty director of Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, told the magazine that homeschooling deprives children of their right to a “meaningful education.” She cites no law that requires a child to receive a “meaningful” education (because there is no such law in the U.S.) but…

“But it’s also important that children grow up exposed to community values, social values, democratic values, ideas about nondiscrimination and tolerance of other people’s viewpoints.” (Nothing about reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic in her formula, it ought to be noted.)

‘Values?’ Whose values?

‘Tolerance of other view-points?

Like Nazi or Marxist ideas?’

Like Shariah Sexism?


That it’s just as acceptable to be a maladjusted ‘gay’ as a normal heterosexual?

That a stubbly man is actually a woman because he/she/it says so?

Kids should be taught that these ideas are unacceptable.

Adherents may express such ideas, but children should be told those prejudiced are not consistent with the spirit of America – or any other civilised nation!


Meaning knock it into their young heads that law-breaking illegals are no different than decent immigrants who respect American laws?

Or that ‘gay’ aberration and/or pedophilia merit parity of esteem with decent people’s values?

Ontario Catholics Promoting Child Sex? Sign The Protest Petition! 

Parents in all the countries named above should treasure the time with their offspring that the virus crisis may afford them…


Detox Lecture

…and use it to delouse their young minds from the rancid liberalism inflicted in so many  class-rooms!