Conservatives SHOULD Call Red China’s Liars Out!

A step in the right direction, that the UK government has ‘said it was removing China from a list of international comparisons for the spread of coronavirus – amid concerns about the accuracy of its data.’

Not quite as robust as the proposal I put forward a week ago…

Beijing Despots Should Face A Nuremberg-Style Trial! 

…but we must see if other Western nations at least follow Bojo’s modest example.

More interesting will be to watch the Tory MPs who ‘have formed a new group – headed by chair of the Foreign Affairs committee Tom Tugendhat – which they say is aimed at better understanding China’s place in the world and its global ambitions.’


Mao the Monster


One assumes that means the Communist-controlled mainland, where a monster worse than Hitler remains the regime’s revered official inspiration…


…and not Free China, a successful, democratic state with which civilised countries should establish correct diplomatic relations.

You may view the video, in which Mr. Tugendhat tells us what he’s up to, here…

..but the declared purpose of his group seems a tad naive, since we surely know very well what Red China is, and does…

…as, seemingly, does Mr. Tugendhat, who tells some important truths, notably about how the Beijing Reds are buying up PPE, so they can then pretend to be gracious in dispensing it.



Their real aim, of course, is a malevolent desire to expand their influence and control

Red China is bad, first and foremost in that it keeps the Chinese people in servitude, secondly in its wicked virus cover-ups…



…and not least in its imperialist aggressive actions against unthreatening South East Asian nations, including Indonesia…

The Danger of China’s Maritime Aggression Amid COVID-19

….where I happen to live..

….and where thousands are getting sick, dying or already dead because of the Chinese Virus.