Eire’s Evil Expansionism – Sinn Fein Sow Exploits Virus!

Good to hear Arlene Foster dismiss that Sinn Fein sow’s bid to exploit the virus crisis as ‘constitutional navel gazing,’ but the DUP leader should have hammered the arrogant bitch a lot harder.

Mary Lou McDonald: Covid-19 more likely to unite us than Brexit

Mary Lou McDonald has returned to work after being ‘floored’ by the virus, and says she has no idea how she contracted it
Sinn Fein boss Mary Lou McDonald

“I think this dwarfs Brexit in terms of reflecting the danger of partition, the fact that it’s not sustainable, and the necessity for us to work as one island.

By the same logic, any two adjacent countries should be amalgamated to facilitate anti-virus efforts.

Look at any map.

Fasciculus:Europe countries map local lang 2.png

Norway and Sweden. Holland and Belgium. Slovenia and Croatia. Spain and Portugal.

Each pair of proudly free nations once ‘united’ with the other – should they be merged again, simply because they’re next-door neighbours?

Outside of Europe, Haiti and the Dominican Republic share an island.

Should the smaller just be absorbed into the larger, heedless of their entirely different identities?

It’s astonishing we have an all-Ireland single policy for animal health but not for public health,” says the S.F. ranter, but what’s really ‘astonishing’ is the engrained annexationist mind-set…

….that views any measure of cooperation between two adjacent peoples as grounds for bringing the smaller nation under the larger nation’s flag.

So when Mrs Foster accused some leaders of “having their priorities lie elsewhere” in the middle of a pandemic…


..she was putting it way too mildly!


Geographical proximity doth not a nation make!

Otherwise Canada would be merged with the USA, Mexico would absorb all the little Central American republics…



…and Eire would be brought back under the British Crown, reversing the partition of the UK which took place a hundred years ago.

..My priority is to warn and to protect lives and that’s what I’m focused on doing,” says Mrs. Foster, with good British common sense.


What a terrible, terrible pity…

…that Sinn Fein never took the same view!