Make Beijing Come Clean? Mama Stasi And Muppet ‘Demur!’

…widespread anger at China ought to have translated into broad support for Australia’s initiative for an inquiry.
But that hasn’t happened yet.
France and Germany, key swing states in the west, have so far demurred…

Just as we noted yesterday, the Brussels Empire, guided by Europe’s two most malevolent leaders…



….fresh from a new attempt to bully Hungary, Poland and the Czechs into easing the burden which Mama Stasi imposed on her own people, an attempt we mentioned in our recent blog-post…

These Ingrate Savages MUST Be Deported!  

…are setting another disgraceful example by collaborating with the most powerful and dangerous totalitarian regime in the world.

Red China is a menace.



Always has been since its evil inspiration did his Long March – or rather sat on his spoilt ass while his poor dupes toiled along!

Australia has, belatedly, it’s true, decided to take a stand against evil. In response, Red China is indulging in arrogant rants, threatening sanctions.

Would such sanctions include pulling out the communist vermin…


Image result for pro-beijing sydney

Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 

….whom Australians saw in their true colours during pro- and anti-HK freedom demos in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, just a few months ago?

THAT would be a blessing, and not really in disguise!

As to trade sanctions, Australia should not be left to face the common enemy alone.



Not just the USA but Britain, New Zealand, Canada and any member of the EUSSR not under the Merkel/Macron thumb should vow solidarity with Canberra?

For good measure, the Western world should remedy the biggest diplomatic error ever made – allowing a vile dictatorship to speak for the Chinese people instead of the democratic government of Free China.

Treat Beijing as a leper regime!