More ‘Refugee’ Arson And Violence In Greece!

That old phrase about how ‘the Greeks have a word for it’ came to mind when I read what their Migration Ministry Secretary Manos Logothetis told AFP news agency on Monday.

‘The blaze was started on Sunday evening “amid internal disputes [between residents]”, he said.’

Delicately put, sir!

In other words, the ingrate savages were at it again, vicious mayhem, the primitives on their worst behaviour, though we’ve seen it before.

Kurds attacked in Greek camp, accused of not fasting on Ramadan

Another fire was started on Monday in a new round of clashes between “Arabic speakers and Africans”, a local police source said.

“The incidents began on Sunday night. The fire was put out at midnight, but today we had more tension and stone-throwing,” the officer said.

How DARE these savages indulge in such arson and violence?

Nobody invited them into Greece. They gate-crashed the borders. Now they whine and riot?

If they don’t like where they are, let them politely ask for their boats back and off they may go, back to Erdolf-Land.

If they decline to be polite…?

The Greeks should shoot alien rioters down as they would rabid curs!