Poor Uptight Naga, Darling Of The Twitter Mob!

That uptight leftist Naga Munchetty seems to get altogether too much media attention since her infamous abuse of her ‘breakfast tv’ job, when she had a near meltdown about ‘race.’

BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them! 


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Naga ‘Bias’ Munchetty


Her skin-colour certainly didn’t prevent her getting a vastly over-paid job with the BBC, and as soon as she was slapped down for the meltdown, she was succoured via the outrageous intervention of that snooty pinko Lord Whatsit, the Director General.

BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT! 

Her arrogance did not abate!



Now she is back in the headlines because she wore high-heeled boots to work!

Personally, I think girls in high-heeled boots are cute…

Hot selling wine red suede high heel boots sexy pointed toe lace-up thigh high boots cut-outs thin heels boots woman boots

…but one viewer didn’t  – and dared to say so.


The trendy lefty Twitter in-crowd roared into action, made a huge fuss and the poor guy who criticised her was subjected to a torrent of abuse.

He eventually apologised, with the following words.

Lockdown lesson 1: never, ever tweet about what a presenter wears on TV. Apologies to anyone, especially @BBCNaga, upset by my badly worded comment on her stunning shoes. I’ve been accused of being a white, bald man (true), sexist & racist (not) and a dinosaur (probably). Sorry.”


How absurd, that he’s been bullied into this by shrills, some of whom, judging from his words above, made it a ‘race’ issue.

Anybody in public life who appears on tv has no grounds for complaint if viewers comment on any aspect of his or her appearance or conduct.