Bravo, Malaysia! Illegals Corralled!

I often criticise Malaysia for the surging sectarianism there…

Malaysia – Sectarian Intolerance, Even In Virus Crisis! 

…but credit where credit is due, its sensible action on Friday deserves commendation!

The police ‘’detained hundreds of refugees and migrant workers for illegally living in the country…’

The Reuters report tells us that, besides ‘around 2 million registered foreign workers…authorities estimate many more are living in the Southeast Asian country without proper documents.’

Typically, Reuters tail-ends its story, which is studded with whines from pro-crimmigrant outfits, with this attempt at mystification –

Migrant workers have been a particularly vulnerable community during the pandemic.

But the whole point of the Malaysian move is that it’s not aimed at legal ‘migrant workers’ but at ILLEGALS!



What a refreshing change from the Western world, where appalling appeasement of the ‘NGO’ “rights” shrills has led governments to unleash hordes of undesirable aliens, not ‘refugees,’ please note, but fakers due for deportation.

In Portugal, the leftist government ‘granted full citizenship rights to all asylum seekers and illegal migrants, giving them access to the country’s national health service, welfare benefits, social security system during the pandemic…

…and in UK, where the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has betrayed conservative voters’ trust by turning loose hundreds of so-called ‘asylum seekers.’

Priti Patel Minister.jpg

Priti Patel.

…And in Belgium, an MP for Vlaams Belang, the patriot party, Tom Vandendriessche, has exposed the government’s irresponsibility, bluntly…


“As for the illegal migrants, who are now roaming our streets again, most of them are being let out from closed migrant centers due to the ‘lack of confinement space.’ 


All those ‘NGO’ natterjacks, in Malaysia, Portugal, Britain and Belgium, keep harping on the how the lawless may be put at risk by confining them.



If even ONE innocent citizen suffers even one assault at the hands of a roaming unleashed crimmigrant, or catches the virus from one that’s free to go where he or she pleases, that’s one too many.


Safety of the law-abiding, of good honest citizens, matters infinitely more than the safety of aliens who have gate-crashed, whether by sly or brazen means.