Stabbings In Germany, Now In Oz? Whodunnit?

 Whilst we know that much of the media in Germany doesn’t give a Scheisse about outrageous ‘migrant’ crime, irresponsibility that has extended to blatant suppression of important truths, as with this wicked sow…


Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

..and we also know that similar pro-crimmigrant bias exists in much of the Australian media…


Remember how the Immigration Department’s  Michael Pezzullo said that ‘some media reporting of the asylum seeker issue was “advocacy parading as journalism” and “pamphleteering of an almost political nature which bent the facts.‘


…the public in both countries should have the right to know when undesirable aliens are involved in serious offences.



The stabbings in Australia remain a bit of a mystery, though the perp shot dead must have been identified by now.

But in Hanau, in the German state of Hessen, we have what may be a clue.., viz.-

preliminary reports described them as a group of bearded young men but didn’t elaborate…

A clue, but not definitive.

One expects nothing but obfuscation from Mama Stasi Merkel and her coalition collabo curs…



…but could not the AfD patriot party introduce legislation to REQUIRE that the citizenship status of detained ( or shot!) suspects in every crime be made known ASAP!

If the political/media ruling class object to such a simple proposal, then we’ll know why!