YouTube? Or WHO Tube!?!

I used to run marathons, London, Belfast ( twice!) NYC, Helsinki…


The original Marathon runner, Pheidippides

…but in Indonesia they start early in the day and I’m not a morning person.

Yet now, with nothing to do, and having been told by reliable friends that street crime is daily getting worse, with no great incentive to go walk-about, I have taken up running again, within the komplek where I dwell.



Otherwise my only outings would be a mid-morn walk to the mini-mart!

In other words, I’m doing my best within the situation we are all in together.

I am not taking a strong line on whether or not the lock-downs should be ended, or eased, or continue a while longer.

But it should be a question open for discussion, democratic decision, as I have said before.

Unfortunately, some very powerful institutions are determined to stomp debate.

And you’ll not be surprised to learn that at least one part of the (anti) social media is appointing itself super-censor!


Get a load of this story!

What is most alarming is that one of the top YouTube flunkeys has openly admitted that her geekstapo…


…are under orders to silence voices that clash with the distilled wisdom of Red China’s key collabo outfit, W.H.O.