Now, Pinko Creeps Must Apologise To Hungary!

After spewing gallons of mendacious bile at Budapest over its response to the virus crisis, isn’t it about time the Enemy Orchestra offered apologies to Hungary?

For my part, I make no apologies for quoting verbatim much of what follows.

Hungary’s voice is seldom heard but surely deserves a fair hearing.

Judit Varga

By Enemy Orchestra, I refer to what the Hungarian Justice Minister, Judit Varga, correctly called the “coordinated international smear campaign” after even her country’s sworn enemies at the highest levels of the Brussels Empire have had to admit Hungary’s special measures are not not in conflict with EU law.

For weeks, from Budapest to Brussels, they’ve been doing nothing but accusing Hungary of building a dictatorship,” Varga said on Facebook.

“They’re spreading obvious lies like claiming that the operations of Hungary’s National Assembly have been suspended or that lawmakers’ supervisory powers over government decisions have been weakened.”



Varga said the reality was that parliament was operating as normal, while MPs had greater control over ending the state of emergency than many of their European peers.

Coronavirus: Justice Minister Demands Apology for ‘Smear Campaign’ against Hungary

Especially deplorable are the collabos, Hungary’s opposition MEPs “competing with each other in spreading fake news in Brussels” while “lamenting every day that European institutions are not taking firm action against Hungary…

who have been “completely discredited” by the EC vice-president’s Wednesday confirmation that the government’s epidemic response law was in line with EU laws…”