Erdolf Makes NATO A Bad Joke – Kick Turkey Out!

Defence Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos’ response was low-key, saying ‘such behaviour on Turkey’s part does not help to ease the tension that both sides should seek at this time.

However, the Greek Foreign Ministry has ‘strongly condemned yesterday’s provocative harassment by the Turkish fighter jets.



“This is another unacceptable Turkish action,” the Ministry said...’calling on Erdolf’s Turkey ‘to enter the 21st century.’

We are, alas, all too aware that Erdogan’ mind-set is barely into the 20th century!



He and his Islamist party are addicted to the expansionism of the Ottoman Empire…

  Erdolf’s Apparatchiks Expose Aggressive Sectarian Agenda. 


Polish hero John Sobieski in 1683, defending Vienna from Turk aggression.

Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire – Foreign Policy

…,with caliphate pretensions to rule from the Balkans to the Gulf.

Buzzing a neighbouring country’s planes with F16s is what one expects of North Korea, not a NATO ally.

When it was known to the enemy pilots, or at least those giving them their orders, that the Greek Defence Minister was on board one of the aircraft targetted, enough is enough.


It’s time surely to call time on this rogue regime.

Kick Turkey Out Of NATO!