Media Bias! Leftist Louis Lashes Out At Nigel!

‘So if we were you, Nigel, we’d maybe lay low for a while.’

That sneer was spewed out by something that describes itself as follows..

Louis Staples :
I’m a London-based writer and editor. I mostly write about LGBTQ issues, politics and culture. If you want to say hi or commission me, it’s best to email

So much for The Independent’s idea of impartial reporting, published on its bizarre Indy100 sub-site, about Nigel Farage’s report on the crimmigrant menace on the English Channel coast…

…for which he made a journey, not as far as the BBC’s Fergal Keane recently, to France (which resulted in a ‘documentary’ on the illegals who infest the other side of the Channel…)


…poor Calais migrants..


…that fatuous BBC hack oozing soppily around the French port-city’s melange of aliens, listening to whining ingrates, and leftists

Yet nobody reported the BBC team to the police.

That’s what’s happened to Mr. Farage…


Nigel Farage


…despite the fact that he too was engaged in his job as a journalist – he works for LBC  ( NOT BBC!) and also writes for other media, a lot of good stuff, on all manner of issues. Here’s a link to a good piece of his  –

– on the USA election.

Illegal aliens are pouring into the UK, skipping the steps honest travel involves, no passport inspection…



…no visas and no way of knowing how many evade detection and carry diseases of every kind.

Disgracefully, Home Secretary Priti Patel is not sending them straight back, but instead often lets the swine leech indefinitely off the British tax-payer.

Nigel was doing a good job on that Channel shore, and it ill becomes a grubby ‘gay’ leftist like Louis Staples, arrogantly using the royal ‘we,’ to flout principles of impartial coverage which real reporters were once expected to respect.