Aaah, But Soros Denies It!

George Soros funded the UK’s Enemy Within, during the Brexit campaign.


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A billionaire, he has splurged HUGE sums on all manner of agitprop outfits…

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…..notably pro-crimmigrant ‘NGOs’ that seek to undermine civilised countries’ defences against barbarous illegals.



When I think of him in his sumptuous lair, or lairs -surely he has more than one – it tends to be in terms of him standing over maps…


…much as his 21st century EUSSR acolytes, Mama Stasi and Liar Juncker, are doing in that widely circulated picture, pondering which nation-state will be the next victim.

But what do we reallt know about his private life.

A little.

Ten years ago billionaire George Soros, then 79, washed his Brazilian performer girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr, then 27, out of what’s left of his hair.

Her subsequent 2011 lawsuit was front-page…

She wanted $50 million. Even her lawyer Robert Hantman may have thought that was overboard. She ended up with zero, and the case was dismissed.

Back story: Soros had promised her a $2 million apartment. After they split, he gave it to his new girlfriend. The lawsuit, stemming from his newest girlfriend’s new real estate, accused Soros of slapping and choking Adriana.

Soros has denied the allegations.

And didn’t he also liken himself to a god?